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8th-Jun-2014 11:07 pm(no subject)
BSSM: Venus
dudes on my facebook talking about "gender unity" to sidestep talking about rape culture. gender unity. yeah i know what you're really saying. "stop talking about sexism because it makes me feel bad". "stop criticising me". "i refuse to acknowledge your problems". you want us to stick up for you but you won't do the same for us and you call that unity. not getting dragged into it. smh.
18th-Mar-2014 04:26 am(no subject)
BSSM: Venus
i made the mistake of looking at the youtube comments on the CA earthquake that was caught on film during a morning show and this one guy's super intelligent thoughtful comment was: "lol i'm surprised her boobs weren't shaking!"

STEP AWAY FROM ANIME AND VIDEO GAMES FOR A COUPLE OF MINUTES SON. Unlike the world of fiction where the slightest little movement causes breasts to jiggle erratically every which way for like 5 minutes, in reality (most!) women wear bras. Which make it so boobs. don't. shake. go outside
2nd-Dec-2013 09:29 am(no subject)
BSSM: Venus
discussing/venting about a paper due tomorrow with a classmate, my inner judgmental bitch comes out.

really? you couldn't find any sources about women's roles in movies through time? did you honestly try? it's "too specific of a topic?" and "all you have to say is that they got stronger?" maybe because you don't have a grasp on what you're doing? have you read ANYTHING on feminist theory, because that's the most obvious place to start? you got to pick the topic and you didn't pick something you have any interest in? like seriously i could write that paper no problem.

but seriously though, my topic is "religious horror films of the 1960s and 1970s + the political climate that inspired them" and I found more sources than I know what to do with in like, 5 minutes. it's not our professor's fault you picked a topic you can't work with, didnt give yourself enough time to change it, and somehow got through 3.5 years of college without learning how to do research. we have known about this paper since the first day of class. we have had entire sessions dedicated to discussing it and prof has stressed that we email him or visit his office hours/stay after class if we're having trouble with what direction to go in.

11th-Nov-2013 10:54 am(no subject)
BSSM: Venus
sometimes you meet those very special people in life that make you think, "well, good luck with that face on that attitude." there are people who, if someone stabbed them in a public place, everyone would want a turn.

just saying.
11th-Oct-2013 11:33 pm(no subject)
BSSM: Venus
I love when people are like, "[corporation] only did [good/bad/neutral thing] to get money!!!" ex: "Disney only made a Latina princess (Sophia the First) to get more money!!"

Well, yeah. Businesses are there to make money. It's what they do. If they don't make money, they close and everyone's out of a job. That's not excusing the fact that like 90% of CEOs would probably light a puppy on fire for a buck, but. yes. They want money. That's the point. You've got it.
11th-Oct-2013 10:26 am(no subject)
BSSM: Venus
ok, here's my bi...yearly.... life update dump post. i guess i could officially swap over to tumblr but idk, that's really not what i use it for yet.

this isn't the most optimistic life post i think i'll ever make?? but it's also short term hopefully.

so right now i'm in my last semester of school, hopefully, and i'm really, really done.

where i'm at:
-capstone communication theories. it's fun and i like the professor (though she occasionally falls into the trap of 'i'm young and cool so i say young and cool things with unfortunate misogynist implications' sometimes) but everything we're learning I already know from interpersonal relationships and research methods last year. the final project is even the same as in research methods, so tbh i'm kind of frustrated on that end. it's probably good to get the review but still.

-survey of broadcasting- maybe the only class where i'm learning new stuff but my professor is so dry it almost doesn't count haha.

-chemistry & lab- okay, this really annoys me. I like my teacher, he's got a really dry sense of humor and a "we're all in this together" flexible attitude I really admire (all my lab partners are idiots though sadly, I think probably freshman, v v immature.) But I think it's really dumb that, as a comm major, I have to take two science classes. I understand the point of gen ed, but i could use this time to be taking a comm class relevant to what i want to do, like marketing or advertising, but that i don't otherwise have time for. science is my weakest subject, too. if i don't pass and have to take a whole other semester because of this one class, after i tested myself out of having to take six more credits, I'm going to be really, really pissed. I studied for 2 days using all the teacher's guides and still only got a 69.

-politics in cinema- i like this class a lot, but again it's a fusion of two classes i've already taken so i don't feel like that much learning is taking place?? but what we're learning about early hollywood and the industry itself is v cool. my teacher is such a cutie patootie you don't understand

-internship- i'm interning with a really cool organization (though i haven't been able to do much lately, we just recently hired in people at work, before we had a staff of 5 and i was getting called in on most of my days off, and now it's midterms, i need to work on that and that's on me). I'm enjoying it but it's stressful because its things out of my comfort zone--which is good! and it's very chill, on-call, we'll call you when we need you type of stuff. But for some reason I think this is the biggest source of stress in my life right now.

here's the shitty part of it all. for my school, with the internship itself you need to take this internship course every other tuesday where you learn things like, how to get a job and an internship. you need to already have an internshi to take this class. let that sink in. fucking waste of time, bullshit assigments, and it's another class i'm afraid is going to put my early graduation in jeopardy. I've been employed for 3 years, I think i should be excused from a class that teaches me how to behave properly at a job.

i'm done with tests and group projects where my partners would rather talk about celebrities and all the drugs they take. I'm really done with playing along with kids, tbh. and the boss i don't like is back and i've been having a streak of shitty luck in sales lately, and i'm really done with my job, too.
25th-Jul-2013 08:26 pm(no subject)
BSSM: Venus
people who really vehemently believe that global warming isn't real kinda scare me
19th-Jul-2013 02:35 pm(no subject)
BSSM: Venus
I just pre-ordered KH Remix... I am weak...
3rd-Jul-2013 11:02 pm(no subject)
BSSM: Venus
i love when I come home from work an hour late on a closing shift and I just want to read some fanfiction and unwind then go right to bed because I need to be there early the next day and then my sister comes in and touches all my stuff and for like five hundred years tells me all this stuff she's told me like a thousand times.

that is sarcasm.

like why is this the only time you talk to me. why now. why always.
1st-Jul-2013 11:29 pm(no subject)
BSSM: Venus
swiggity swack i am back
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